There are certainly some fine DJs out there, but as a breed they are the very dicey-est of all wedding vendors.  Your Dad’s garage band whose lead singer screams drunkenly into the mic  all night, or some random friend-of-a-friend who just wants to show off his giant woofers and stadium setup, have also proven to be disastrous choices in the past.  We now require you to either choose someone from the approved list below or run your own playlists through our house speaker system.  These recommended entertainers will  show up prepared and on time with everything they need, do as you ask, and throw a fun party with no tantrums —  important for you.   And they’ll ensure a police-free evening, allowing to keep my permit to operate here — important to me.   I’ve tried to offer a spectrum of personalities and am always on the hunt for other good options, but they’re dismayingly hard to find.

Rick at Black Tie has been my go-to guy forever and he’s a real pro who know how to read a crowd and keep ’em dancing; Irwin from his outfit was just here and I quite liked him as well. Ask him about his discount for French Estate parties when you call at 714-744-3818.

When I heard the name “DJ Wiked” I have to admit I groaned inwardly, but he’s a bilingual latino sweetheart who’s got a great range of music.  You can also call him Dennis, at 714-605-0548 or

Martin Felipe at Wave Form has won numerous awards, and having seen him in action I’m not surprised., or 800-381-0736.

If it’s games, icebreakers, and general merriment you’re after, Dean at Ultimate Events has got quite the bag of tricks. or 714-639-2300 will get you to his office, within walking distance from the Estate.

Invisible Touch…the very name attests that they understand they’re not the Center of the Universe.  Peter Kaldas, is handsome and charming without making all about him, and Victor Giuseppe is proof that a great personality makes the party pop way more than just cranking up the volume.  949-836-2523.

Sheri Hayden is super-cool, picks great tunes and is a bundle of fun.  She runs her parties on “girl power” and that suits us just fine!  Find her at or 949-690-7437. $100 off to my clients!

Von Stegall is a laid-back, hype-free sort of guy that I’d love to have here anytime.  He can be reached at djvonstegall@gmail, or 909-576-5971.

David Barrios at Johnny on the spot is another cool guy (even if he IS still on myspace!?) who knows how to run a fun party.  Find him at or 951-415-1174

Joe Electric calls himself a high-energy entertainer….yep.  “Dance more, worry less” is his philosophy.  He’s dialed into the world of Latino music, and for some families it’s not a “real” party without a good dose of that.  714-907-0557, or 310-521-5252.


And of course there’s nothing quite like live music, so I’ve got some fine musicians to recommend as well.   They’ve agreed to play here at rates that allow you access to the sophistication of live music without spending more than you would on a lot of  really cheesy DJs.

The Marieve Herrington band recently came to my attention since she specializies in French tunes, although they also do the gamut of standards and special requests too.  Her voice is light and graceful; the perfect vibe for a festive  evening  out under my twinkle lights.  They offer combinations starting at $500 for 3 hours; check out their site at .

Gino Munoz at Night Owl Events is a music teacher who works up custom combos of his best students in order to get them experience.  He had a group here playing at the wedding of a couple of professional musicians this winter, and they were fantastic.   Call him at 626-203-1804.

If it’s harp music you have in mind, Brian Noel is a good choice.  Cell: (949) 378-1620 /

 Justin Grennan and the Project were her in May ’11 and were a great fit.  I’d call it blue eyed soul, very well-rendered.  Must get more info on their pricing, but meanwhile here’s contact info: 213-819-6290 or check their site at

The Jon Rowden Quartet offered to do up a package after Jon had his reception here many years ago.  This hip & stylish quartet will enhance any occasion with great straight ahead jazz, from standards, be-bop and swing to funk. The classic setup is Piano, Bass, Drums and Sax, but they will reconfigure to your needs:  Jazz Trio: $221 per hour  2 hours minimum, no maximum, and Jazz Quartet: $286 per hour.  Duets are available too.  Call or email to customize the band for your event!
 or(949) 395-4881.