Anthony Yuro is a cool younger guy with a nice peaceful vibe about him, very interested in respecting all faiths and tailoring the ceremony to be exactly what you want it to be.  His discounted rate is $275 for weddings with his PA system, $250.00 for wedding services only. His website is, or he can be reached by phone at 949-370-0334.

Wayne Alves suggested my place to his daughter for her wedding because it was his favorite location ever, so I’m a little prejudiced in his favor.  He is a fatherly, comforting sort who does believe you need God in your life if your marriage is going to have a fair shot at succeeding, and he will want to do some counseling with you.   The French Estate package includes pre-marital counseling, wedding rehearsal and ceremony at a very fair rate of $300. Contact him at (562) 209-4069 or e-mail at .