House Policies Summary



We want you to have the time of your life.  We can’t let you do anything that might hurt your guests or our property or upset our neighbors, but beyond that we’re most flexible. We love helping you bring your own particular vision to life — never forgetting that it’s YOUR wedding!   However the City of Orange has set forth the following restrictions, and they must be honored if we’re to stay in business:

Event hours are noon to 9pm. The bridal suite is generally available at 11am.

Amplified music is allowed until 9pm; guests should be on their way by 9:30.

We’re in a residential neighborhood, so music must be maintained at a reasonable volume.  We’ve learned through painful experience that not all DJs understand the concept of “reasonable” so we’ve had to go to a list of approved music vendors that we can trust to keep the police from crashing your party.  You’ll need to choose from one of those, or utilize our house speaker system with playlists or CDs.

Champagne, beer, and wine may be served. We don’t hold a license to sell alcohol, but you may provide and serve it at your own risk, without corkage fee.

A parking shuttle service is used for all events with 50+ guests, and we supply maps directing your guests to our offsite parking lot which MUST be included in your invitations.

A deposit based on your event size reserves your date. Balance and final guest count are due 10 days prior.

Should clients choose to cancel their event, 80% of the deposit will be refunded if we are notified a minimum of 6 months before the event date. Clients cancelling with shorter notice may re-apply their 80% to another event on another available day if desired.

Maximum capacity for the facility is 150, including vendors.