Our Pricing


People are constantly asking me for “more detail” or the “real” bottom line because they can’t believe the prices laid out here are complete.  They are.  We have a refreshing “no hidden costs” policy that’s been making our clients happy for nearly 18 years now.  You can actually know what your expenses will be, with no unpleasant surprises at payment time.  Why would anyone want to do business differently?

Our goal is to be both flexible and affordable, so we offer the use of the Estate facility on an “a la Carte” basis which allows you to feature the caterer of your choice.  We‘ve had everything from the BK burger truck to elegant 8-course sitdown dinners.  If you don’t have a caterer in mind, we’ve got a great option featured in our “a la Carte Packages”  section.

 Facility Fees

 We operate under a City permit which only allows a certain number of events with more than 50 guests in any given month.  Sadly, we’re already at our designated limit until the end of 2016.

Guests Ceremony Reception Both C&R
Up to 50 $650 $1600 $2200
50 to 75 $1300 $3000 $3700
76 to 100 $1500 $3300 $4000
101 to 125 $1700 $3500 $4300
125 to 150 $1900 $3800 $4700

We used to have a slow spell from mid-December through February, so I started offering a 20% discount in those months.  The slow spell is gone, but the off-season discount lingers on.

Our 2017 Facility Fees Include:

Pre-wedding planning meeting and rehearsal/event coordination

Shuttle parking service for events with more than 50 guests

Our collection of decorative elements for site & centerpieces

White wooden chairs and round tables for 10

Use of our IPOD/laptop/CD friendly music system

Use of our spacious Bridal Suite for the day

Ceremony rehearsal time, based on availability

Non-catering setup and cleanup

Ceremony Only: 2 hrs facility & 1 hr. rehearsal

Receptions Only: 5 hrs facility time

Both Ceremony & Reception: 6 hrs facility & 1 hr rehearsal

Popular Extras & Upgrades

Bartending Service + ice is $200

Market Umbrella + Base is $30.00 each, tax & delivery included

Mushroom Space Heaters  are $75.00 including tax

Tenting is a beautiful  backup in case of inclement weather;  you may use any vendor you choose, but we recommend Juve’s tents: 714/267-4549.

In order to keep our prices low, we encourage payment with cash or check.