The Fine Print

These rules are derived from our contract with  the city of Orange, our desire to be good neighbors and our aim to deliver a safe and memorable experience for you.

Maximum Capacity for the property is 150, including vendors who attend. According to industry standards for estimation, a guest list of 200 will result in actual attendance of roughly 150.

Hours of Operation

Your basic facility fee includes exclusive use of the premises for the entire day of your event, as well as a rehearsal time for weddings if desired.

Events should not begin before noon; setup can begin at 11am. Events should be completed by 9pm, with the premises vacated by 9:30.

Amplified Music

Front Garden Area: Amplification is encouraged for the spoken word; vocalists and/or  musical instruments are also welcome.

Rear Courtyard Area: Disc Jockeys or instrumental groups  are welcome to perform in the rear courtyard, provided the client agrees to respect our neighbors by maintaining a reasonable level of volume (approximately 55 decibels – we’ll provide a demonstration of this if desired).

Use of our house amplified music system with choice of our music selection or yours is welcome during all hours of operation at no additional charge.


Champagne, beer, and wine may be served on the premises. The French Estate does not hold a liquor license and consequently doesn’t sell alcohol. Our clients may provide the above beverages, or arrangements can be made through your caterer. We are also happy to recommend a very personable and professional bartender. We request that alcohol not be served past 9:00.


We have several caterers we’re happy to recommend, however our clients are also welcome to engage the caterer of their choice. We do allow limited use of the kitchen by caterers with advance notice, however our kitchen is not an approved commercial facility and so no actual cooking can be allowed. Caterers MUST attend a planning meeting prior to the event, and are required to provide full cleanup for their portion of the event. We can suggest offsite parking for any refrigerated trucks or trucks with loud generators, but we cannot allow these to be parked on Batavia Street.


We provide use of a nearby office parking lot and a cute trolley to shuttle your guests to and from the event. Average time span for this service is 6 hours and this is included in our basic rental fee. Extra time can be contracted at a rate of $60 per hour for the van and driver. We will provide maps directing your guests to this area, to be included in your invitations.

Coordination Services

The services of a reception coordinator for the duration of your event are included in your basic rental fee. This includes 1 or 2 planning meetings prior to your event  with our coordinator and  any go-to people you want to include.  The coordinator will also run your rehearsal if you like, and be on-site the day of the event to make certain things go according to plan, so you’re free to play.


The French Estate offers a wonderful selection of photographic settings and our clients are welcome to use any of them. We do ask that any furniture or other items which are displaced in the process be returned to their rightful place by the photographer. We are happy to provide recommendations for photographers on request.


The basic facilities fee includes basic resin chairs for your guests and round tables for 10.   Additional rentals such as heaters, umbrellas, chair upgrades, or tenting can also be contracted through our rental agent for additional cost, or through the caterer of your choice.   Tabletop rental items are generally coordinated through your caterer, but we can help you with those too if you like.


We are committed to doing everything within our power to ensure the best possible event for our clients, however we cannot be held responsible for acts of God, vendors who fail to deliver as promised, or other circumstances beyond our control. We provide supervision of the guest parking lot as does the medical center which owns it, however neither party can be held responsible for any theft or damage which may occur. We strongly suggest that our clients or a parent purchase a $500,000 liability rider policy for the day of the event. This can be easily and inexpensively done through any homeowners’ insurance carrier and is well worth the peace of mind it affords.

We must reserve the right to present a final bill after the event in instances where severe damage to the property or its contents has occurred.